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BeltFed Weapon’s highly anticipated new release Darkened Demise! Includes 16-page booklet. Hear all the newest tracks from this legendary heavy metal powerhouse that includes a who’s who of contributors from the heavy metal genre!


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BeltFed Weapon’s newest EP release features the new video single Eternal Fire.

Track List

  1.  Accept your insanity
  2. Darkened demise
  3. Eternal fire
  4. Killing machine
  5. Head first into hell

Contributing Artists

Frank Hetzel – rhythm guitar

Tim Aymar – vocals

Jeff Loomis – lead guitar 1st solo

Kragen Lum -l ead guitar 2nd solo

Jason Viebrooks – bass

Bryan Newbury – drums

Steve Tucker – Vocals

JD DeServio – Bass

Dagna Silesia – Bass


Eternal Fire Video